Ness Solomons Carroll Bio

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Ness Carroll is a true Renaissance woman

She is committed to the transformation of all beings through the SYNERGENICS material and teaches through and the School of Universal Learning, (“SOUL”), known now as THE SOULAR SYSTEM ®

She has been involved in the Sufi work for many years and has served as a Sufi teacher through both the Chisti and Mevlevi orders in Australasia. She developed the form of Sufi chanting known as the Chants of Universal Peace, a form of multi-dimensional chanting bringing together songs of many faiths, philosophies and cultures throughout the ages. She and her partner also wrote the Australian and New Zealand sections of “Pilgrim’s Guide to Planet Earth”, a Spiritual Community Publication, through their travels.

She enjoyed being the staff parapsychologist at the Center for Total Health in San Diego in the 80’s where that clinic was the first center world-wide to offer both traditional and alternative medicine and was featured on the well-known British television show “Horizons”, a Whole New Medicine.

Ness was a staff member at the San Diego Area Center with Werner Erhard and Associates and a long time senior Program Leader with Landmark Education.

She was also one of the coordinators of “Visions of the Future”, a Conference in the 90’s that was co-sponsored by the University of California and the Russian Academy of Sciences and brought together 100 Russian and American scientists post Glasnost. She continues to maintain dialogue with the Russians in their scientific parapsychological work and is engaged in the documentation and release of the most recent Russian ‘psychic discoveries’.

Now, Ness and her husband, Richard, live in the community lifestyle and participated in local suburban farming in Santa Barbara, California and their home edible landscape was acknowledged as one of the most diverse growing environments at a residence in the Central Coast area.

Locally in Santa Barbara, California, also, she has often coordinated art exhibitions in the Upper Gallery at the Karpeles Museum and served on the original local IANDS Committee (International Association for Near Death Studies). She is also a third generation International Red Cross volunteer in her family.

Ness’s business, provides tools for well-being through “The Laughter Track”, “The I Love You Track” and “The Breath Track” CD’s.

She and Richard maintain a consultancy through where she offers accelerated personal growth and development coaching and Richard offers accelerated business growth and development and specializes in Start Ups.

Ness Carroll’s channeling work can be accessed directly through .

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